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Initiatives differ from Strategic Leadership teams, in that they involve non-members and external, paid resources. In order to fund initiatives, ACT Canada collects fees on a cost recovery basis.


With the growth of identity theft and the cost of fraud, both the public and private sectors are looking for ways to protect their citizens, customers and staff. The financial sector has led the way in Canada by increasing security on credit and debit cards. The same move would benefit all stakeholders who want to increase security related to ID.

Timing is critical, as we do more and more transactions in the digital space. The initiative aims to promote the need for secure ID in both the physical and virtual worlds and applies to all levels of government across Canada.

The first step is to foster the adoption of a chip based health card in Ontario. This involves engaging health care providers, citizen groups, politicians and ACT Canada members. Much work has been done over the past year and we are now ready to write two reports, so we are now opening the initiative to ACT Canada members. For more information, please contact info@actcda.com.